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About us

PACK KLAIPĖDA is a modern manufacturing company that specializes in the production of plastic foamed and rigid packaging  from XPP, XPS, PP, PET and offers sustainable solutions for special customer needs if Food To Go, Ready Meals and Fresh Meat segments.

Our target partners are food manufacturers, food retailers, food service providers that need food packaging solutions designed  for them to optimise their supply chain and total cost of ownership. Our thermoformed food trays meet the highest quality  and brings excellent food safety, maximum consumer convenience and functionality at the point of sale.

We are committed to circular economy initiavives in  packaging and offer fully recyclable PET, PP , XPP, XPS trays containing recycled material

Our latest investment were focuse to increase our capacity and offer to the market wider choice of food packaging. We have intergrated proces from extrusion to thermoforming of final product. For food aplication we produce XPS and  XPP thermoformed , rigid PP and PET trays, MAP trays with absorber option. We also work with with recycled materials r-PP, r-PET, r-PS

For non food aplication we produce XPS isolation materials for household congtaining recycled PS. It common project for better circularity of regionaly collected PS was that is converted back to life with funcional product.

PACK KLAIPEDA  is fully commited to sustainable growth and reduction of carbon footprint. We focus to design for recycling principles and  more  circularity of plastics , production of fully recycable  packaging using  energy from renewable sources.