Lids for round plates

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Product Code:  PKLKD
Material: Foam polystyrene
Procg: thermo formed
Box dimmensions (mm): 700x450x580
Pieces/box: 600 (6x100)
Net Weight: 5.800 kg
Gross Weight: 0.700kg
Volume: 0.183m3
  Truck Loading
Boxes / pallet: 12 box
Pieces / pallet: 7200
Pallets / truck: 32-36
Pieces / truck: 230 400 - 259 200


Pack Dimmensions  


Product Description:

Product is a box for food made from the polystyrene beads by extrusion. These boxes, on the basis of test protocols, have no active substances that threaten human health or can cause unacceptable changes in food composition, and therefore are suitable for direct contact with food. PS box traps the heat, so the product is suitable for the packing of both warm and cool food.

Storage conditions:

 Max. +40°C
 Min.  -30°C

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