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  • Commitment to circular economy

  • Eliminating waste
  • Focusing on renewable energy

With focus on sustainable growth we support circular economy and the production of environmentally friendly packaging and renewable energies. We launched next-generation packaging made from polymers in the circular economy that meet criteria of design for recycling. Together with the Lithuanian Plastics Cluster, we are committed to the European Plastics Alliance's commitment to use 10 MIO tons of recycled plastic in the circular economy and thus contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Our latest  sustainability commitment  is to produce food packaging with up to 30% of recycled material content. Till the year 2025 we making steps to switch to 100% energy use only from renewable sources. We do not use water in our production process and have no impact of water pollution. Our closed loop manufacturing system is waste free.

We fully support European "Green Deal" initiative and "Circular Economy" idea that all packaging materials must be circular.

"Recycle me" family  is sustainable range of food packaging, is a perfect example of excellence in product innovation between raw material suppliers, scientists and packaging manufacturers, because it has been designed to meet new EU directive demands to be recyclable in the existing waste management system.

Our logo and  ‘Recycle me’ sing brings to the consumers a clear and simple message to be responsible that this product shoiuld be disposed of in the correct way and can have a second life.